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Kitchen Mama Auto Electric Can Opener: Open Your Cans with A Simple Push of Button - Automatic, Hands Free, Smooth Edge, Food-Safe, Battery Operated, YES YOU CAN (Red)

Kitchen Mama Auto Electric Can Opener: Open Your Cans with A Simple Push of Button - Automatic, Hands Free, Smooth Edge, Food-Safe, Battery Operated, YES YOU CAN (Red)

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  • 【The last electric can opener you'll need】The Kitchen Mama automatic can opener is the best hands-free can opening solution for you! 4 AA batteries make it work like a charm! **Batteries not included**
  • 【Easy operation】Two taps to open any cans with our electric can opener. Push the button to turn it on. It cuts cans 360° along the lid. Push the button again to stop -- EASY!
  • 【Safety design】The blade cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside. Leave no sharp cuts. -- SUPER SAFE!
  • 【User-friendly, ergonomic design】A great help for people with challenges gripping, best friend for elderly suffering from arthritis problem.
  • 【Enjoy the best cooking experience】Your hands deserve to be treated like royalty! No effort. No injury. Save your energy. Save time. YES YOU CAN.

Product Description



Designed to relieve unnecessary strain and provide convenience during meal preparation, the Kitchen Mama electric can opener makes opening tins as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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      1. gift ideas

        Gifts for Your Loved One

        Gift Ideas

        Give Kitchen Mama Can openers to your beloved ones

      2. Smooth Edges

        No more finger cuts

        Smooth Edges

        Children can help out in the kitchen with safely rounded can rims

      3. Convenient

        A Smarter Kitchen


        No more wasted bench space or worrying about plugs/cables

      4. Pain Free

        Press to Start/Stop

        Pain Free

        Put away that rusty turner and give your hands a break

      1 Gift Ideas 2 Smooth Edges 3 Convenient 4 Pain Free
      1. bend blade

        Patented Design

        Bend blade

        Unique patented design. Cut the lid safely and smoothly!

      2. Hygienic

        Cleaner Food Prep


        Opens cans with less mess and minimal food contact

      3. Open any cans

        Open Almost any Cans

        Ultimate Purpose

        Just one touch to open every shape of cans

      1 Bend blade 2 Hygienic 3 Ultimate Purpose

      How do I clean my electric can opener?

      Clean it with a damp towel. Do NOT submerge it, rinse under running water, or load in the dishwasher.

      Does it really leave a safe and smooth edge?

      Yes, it really does.

      Will this work with any can?

      It works with almost any can size/shape, but not soda cans with sloped edges.

      Are batteries included in the package?

      No, they are not included. It requires 4 x AA batteries.

      3 Kitchen Mama Can Opener Comparison


      KM Auto Can Opener

      one touch one touch

      KM One Touch Can Opener


      KM Mini Can Opener

      Batteries required

      4 AA Alkaline

      Batteries required

      4 AA Alkaline

      Batteries required

      2 AA Alkaline

      How to Stop?

      Click to Stop

      How to Stop?

      𝗔𝘂𝘁𝗼 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗽

      How to Stop?

      Click to Stop













      1. Epic One Multifunction Opener

        One Pick Multi Bottle Opener. Opens Up A Variety.

        An ingenious gadget for opening various things and providing you with a helping hand.

      2. Kitchen Mama One-To-Go Electric Can Opener

        The Best One Touch Can-Opening Technology.

        Features an auto-stop function and extra cut protection for improved safety. The built-in lid remover opens vacuum-sealed cans easily.

      3. Kitchen Mama Mini Electric Can Opener

        The Small-Hands' Electric Can Opener.

        The smallest electric can opener. Smooth edge. The blade never touches the food. Small but powerful!

      4. One-Touch Electric Can Opener

        Senior's Ergonomic Auto Stop Can Opener.

        Rounded, non-slip handle for a comfortable grip.

      5. Meat shredder claws

        Shredded Meat Ready in Seconds.

        Grab your favorite meat and get pulling, shredding, and carving with ultra-sharp shredding blades.

      6. Silicone Jar Spatula Set

        One-Piece Design. Perfect for Scraping & Scooping.

        Easily spread jam on crepe or scoop food from cans. Explore seamless spreading in your cooking adventures with Kitchen Mama.

      About the Startup


      Together, We CAN!



      Share, Passion, Love

      Hero ProductHero Product

      Hero Product

      KM Auto Can Opener

      Describe your products in 3 words.

      Easy, Safe, Clean

      How did you come up with the idea for this product?

      It began as a family effort to help make life easier for Mama Ola, because she was having a hard time in the kitchen with her arthritic hands. After brainstorming through many ideas such as ergonomic cutting boards and star-trek style utensils, we settled on a cordless electric can opener because that was the most difficult task for her.

      What makes your product special?

      Kitchen Mama is dedicated to identifying customers' needs as our top priorities. Hence, We will never be satisfied with ever-lasting Improvement to enhance our customers' experiences. Together, WE CAN!

      Making kitchen experiences easier and effortless is our Goal. YES YOU CAN with your kitchen Mama can opener!

      What has been the best part of your experience?

      Probably when we started getting our first customer feedback. That's when it hit us that the product wasn't just a good design, but that it was really making

      a difference in people's lives.


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